Multi-path in networks - detection and evaluation of performance

Par François Michel Publié le 29/04/2016 Editer la news

The first objective will be to develop measurement techniques to detect, quantify and characterize multipath in today’s Internet. To measure the performance observed by applications in a multipath environment and understand the different forms of multi-path is a second objective for this work.

For this purpose, the student will develop correlation techniques in order to pinpoint the paths used by a flow and the performance of its paths. We will subsequently draw conclusions from our measurements. Based on our observations, we will determine whether there are aspects of multipath routing that need to be improved. We may develop techniques to avoid path segments incurring degraded performance. This may require changes in the signaling of routing information, in the computation and use of the paths in order to spread traffic dynamically upon changes in load.

The objective is to nevertheless provide a stable routing solution that avoids the negative effects of route oscillations. The PhD student will elaborate methods to correlate changes in the control plane with performance degradation. If she/he observes that some actions of the network operators are detrimental to the performance, the student will propose efficient network maintenance techniques that are exempt of problems in a multi-path context.

Finally, we will study which properties can make multipath routing protocols more robust to changes than single path environments. Which physical topologies meet robustness requirements? How to design iBGP topologies?

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