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Par François Michel Publié le 20/10/2016 Editer la news

Hello all,

As most of you already knows, the INGI department takes part in various research projects, in different domains. Especially in networking, the UCL played an important role in the Multipath TCP implementation in Linux kernel [1][2] and several researchers still work to improve it. In particular, Benjamin Hesmans recently developed a MPTCP API in order to enable applications in user space to control the behavior of MPTCP in kernel space thanks to socket options [3][4][5].

As students, you can get involved in the MPTCP development! Outside the IETF 97 hackathon at Séoul [6], you are invited to take part in the hackathon dedicated to MPTCP which will take place on November 12 and 13, 2016 in the Intel room (Réaumur building). In addition to discover latest improvements to MPTCP, you will have the opportunity to make (new or existing) applications MPTCP aware, to port the API to another language (Java, Go,...) or to suggest your own MPTCP-related project!

A basic knowledge of socket is preferable in order to fully benefit from the hackathon (following/having followed LINGI1341 is sufficient, otherwise [7] is a nice reading) and an introduction talk will resume the different useful concepts. Of course, food, drinks, goodies and social events will be provided ;-)

Don't hesitate to subscribe here:

The subscription deadline is set to November 2, 2016.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Quentin De Coninck (!

In the pleasure to see you numerous! :-)