Software Engineer - Tessares

About Tessares

Tessares vision is that in the future all Internet consumers will access the Internet by combining in an efficient way the various Access Networks at their disposal.

Tessares is an outstanding new startup – spin-off of the UCL (Université catholique de Louvain) – who develops heterogeneous WAN bonding solutions for network operators. Thanks to Tessares’s solution, an Internet user will be offered the possibility to connect to the Internet through several access networks at the same time. Whether these access networks are based on similar or different underlying technologies does not matter. Bonding several access networks together improves the Internet experience by combining 4 key benefits: more bandwidth, more mobility, more resilience and more security. Tessares solution is based on the new protocol Multipath TCP.

At Tessares, we offer a challenging yet enjoyable working environment driven by our key values : Excellence, Freedom, Fluidity and Delight.

Job Description:

To pursue innovation and develop its solution portfolio, Tessares is looking for a polyvalent Software Engineer to join its R&D team. The task will consist in developing and testing software to improve the Tessares technology and the Open Source MPTCP implementation in the Linux kernel. The position is open to both junior and senior profiles.


  • Integrate the current development team and further develop its competence
  • Design, develop and test rich innovative applications to fulfil customers’ needs
  • Answer the new challenges with appropriate solutions in coordination with the engineering team
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of the whole project
  • Contribute to the Open Source implementation of MPTCP in the Linux kernel

The candidate would ideally

  • Have a master degree in IT or bachelor’s degree with skills and experience
  • Be autonomous, motivated and positively critical
  • Share the ambition and values of the team and company
  • Be able of continuous learning in a constantly changing environment
  • Have a good command of English, written and spoken

Technical skills

  • Thorough understanding of the C programming language
  • Familiarity with testing frameworks
  • Solid knowledge of the TCP/IP stack

Experience in the following concepts is a plus

  • Multipath TCP
  • Linux kernel hacking
  • Agile methodologies
  • Developing tools/applications for network operator
  • Internet access networks
  • Load balancing, redundancy and scaling of network services
  • Network management and monitoring
  • Network security and pen testing

What we offer

  • A challenging and thrilling environment
  • Great team to work with
  • Fast growing company with strong international connections
  • Entrepreneurial and open environment with high professional standards
  • Competitive package

Interested ?

Apply directly by email to